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Fat-Burner Plus

Fat-Burner Plus
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Product no.: F400
1A Weight Control
For your super figure in just a few weeks!
For the fast reduction of body fat, for weight loss and weight control. Without
dieting or going hungry!
(Red star next to bottle upper left)
40% more effective!
More than 150,000 satisfied customers worldwide!
Since 1998 Fat-Burner-Plus has been the No. 1 Fat-Burner. Now enhanced effect by 40% with
our quantum-dot technology!
Fat-Burner-Plus: Since 1998 the No. 1 Fat-Burner for your super figure.
100% doping-free!
Your new Fat-Burner-Plus, 40% stronger!
The strong effects of Fat-Burner-Plus are based on two active ingredient systems. 1. The
fat-dissolving extract of the Indian medical herb garcinia-cambogia. 2. The new natural
quantum-dot active ingredients which suppress your appetite. This combination improves
the effects of Fat-Burner-Plus by 40%.
This is how Fat-Burner-Plus works!
a) Fat dissolving effect:
The active component of garcinia-cambogia is hydroxy citric acid (HCA). It inhibits an
important enzyme in the metabolism of fat. So excessively ingested carbohydrates are not
metabolized into fat any more. At the same time the body is stimulated to dissolve excess fat and
burn it as energy.
b) Appetite suppressing effect:
The worldwide unique quantum dot active ingredients suppress the appetite considerably. In
addition they make sure your mood is enhanced and give more energy in sports and on the job.
1. A fat-dissolving extract from the Indian medical herb garcinia-cambogia.
2. Quantum dot active ingredients from herbs and spices which suppress the appetite.
3. Many billions of active ingredient molecules for rapidly metabolizing excess fat.
Your 7 Fat-Burner-Plus advantages:
1. Supports the catabolism of excess flabby tissue.
2. Draws off the attention from hungry feelings, even cravings.
3. Feel-good figure with a natural calorie break.
4. Supports a figure conscious change of diet.
5. Supports weight loss permanently, without the yo-yo effect.
6. Strong effects due to 10 special herbal extracts.
7. Enhances your mood and gives you more power.
Quantum dot technologie!
The quantum-dot complex in Fat-Burner-Plus works by way of biophysical effects. With this
you will rapidly achieve the super figure you desire. Quantum dot active ingredients have the
strongest effect; this has been proven scientifically. The quantum dot technology applied by
Goldfield is worldwide unique.
The bio-physical quantum dot strongly enhances the effect.
Lose weight at twice the speed!
Since 1998 more than 150,000 customers (male and female) have lost weight with Fat-Burner-
Plus. Now, with the new formula, you can lose weight twice as fast. You decide on how much
weight you wish to lose. Choose between taking 1 to 6 capsules per day. So you will achieve
your super figure very quickly
Your super figure in just a few weeks!
Rapid weight loss without dieting and going hungry.
Your new Fat-Burner-Plus, 40% stronger!
We have improved the effects of Fat-Burner-Plus by 40% for you. This is going to help you
achieve your desired weight fast. While you are quickly burning your fat, without dieting
and going hungry, your performance remains at 100%. Order today.
A good tip for you!
Fat-Burner-Plus works immediately. You can also combine it with any Goldfield supplement. So
you will achieve additional figure effects.
Analysis in 100 g 2 capsules
Garcinia Cambogia extract 78.1 g 1,250 mg
Quantum dot complex* 6,875 mg 55 mg
*(Consisting of: Alginic acid, curcuma, nutmeg, basil,
mugwort, coriander, pepper, saffron, mustard, cinnamon,
carrier silicium dioxide.)
Protein 42.9 g 680 mg
Carbohydrates 21.0 g 340 mg
Fat 0.9 g 10 mg
Energy: 1,092 kJ 17.5 kJ
261 kcal 4.1 kcal
Please note: Also suitable for diabetics Type II.
The correct application:
a) Lose 4 – 5 kg per month:
Take 3 x 2 capsules per day 1 hour before each main meal with a glass of water.
b) Lose 2 – 3 kg per month:
Take 3 x 1 capsule per day 1 hour before each main meal with a glass of water.
c) Maintain your weight:
Take 1 capsule per day 1 hour before dinner with a glass of water.



Fat-Burner Plus Fat-Burner Plus

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