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Joint Protection
High performance supplement for protection and regeneration of joints and
50% more effective!
Patent Pending
More than 140,000 MSM-Plus users worldwide!
Quantum dot technology
The best protection for joints and tendons since 2005. Now with quantum dot technology!
1. Maximum strength athletes (m/f)
2. Strength-stamina athletes (m/f)
3. Stamina athletes (m/f)
MSM-Plus: The best protection for joints and tendons since 2005. 100% doping-free!
Each capsule of MSM-Plus contains:
1. A strong quantum dot complex. Its active ingredients facilitate fast regeneration of aching
joints and tendons.
2. A cocktail with trace elements and vitamins, which improve the metabolism in the joints.
Your 9 advantages:
1. Aching joints and tendons are a thing of the past.
2. Fast regeneration of already damaged joints, cartilage and tendons.
3. Improved build-up of connective tissue, skin, hair and nails.
4. Preventive protection from excess strain while training and in competitions.
5. Increased exertion in training and competition are easily achieved.
6. natural active ingredients, scientifically tested.
7. No side effects and 100% doping-free.
8. More than 140,000 satisfied users worldwide.
9. Void for export.
MSM-Plus works like this:
MSM-Plus contains spezial quantum dot active ingredients and organically bound sulphor in
high concentration. This promotes blood circulation and improves the nutrient supply to the
aching areas. After just a few days pain in the joints, tendons and the locomotor system are
eliminated. The regeneration and strengthening of your joints, tendons and cartilage is improved.
In addition MSM-Plus strengthens your connective tissue and improves skin, hair and nail
growth. For all sports activities it protects your locomotor system. Besides, digestive and
detoxification processes in your body improve.
Quantum dot technology!
The new quantum dot active ingredients in MSM-Plus work through biophysical effects. They
protect and repair your joints and tendons. This has been scientifically proven. The quantum dot
technology applied by Goldfield is new and worldwide unique.
The biophysical quantum dot strongly enhances the effect.
Your new MSM-Plus, 50% more effective!
MSM-Plus supplies your joints, tendons, spinal discs, muscles, connective tissue, skin, hair
and nails with especially strong, natural structural and regenerative substances.
Worldwide unique quantum dot active ingredients support fast regeneration.
A good tip for you!
MSM-Plus works extremely fast. You can also combine it with any other Goldfield supplement.
Thus you gain additional strength and stamina.
Analysis in 100 g 1 capsule RDA*
Quantum dot complex 5.0 g 50 mg
Joint complex 67.0 g 670.0 mg
Vitamin E 1,000 mg 10.0 mg 83%
Vitamin C 6,000 mg 60.0 mg 75%
Vitamin B3 1,800 mg 18.0 mg 89%
Zinc 1,000 mg 10.0 mg 100%
Manganese 270 mg 2.7 mg 135%
Copper 70 mg 0.7 mg 143%
Molybdenum 1,700 mg 17.0 mg 34%
Selenium 3,000 μg 30.0 μg 55%
Protein 17.5 g 175.0 mg
Carbohydrates 0 g 0 mg
Fat 0 g 0 mg
Energy: 298 kJ 2.98 kJ
70 kcal 0.70 kcal
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance in %
The correct application:
Take 1 capsule MSM-Plus once or twice per day, each time with a meal.
MSM-Plus MSM-Plus

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